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September 30, 2016

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August, 2016

August Newsletter, 2016
*Growth and Profitability
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Peak Performance ActionCOACH

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“Growth and Profitability at the TOP and BOTTOM of your Sales Funnel”

In our office, we have a large graphic that displays all the milestones of our “6 Steps to Massive Results” methodology.

I was examining our 6 Steps the other day and felt we needed to declare the huge amount of profitability that exists at the TOP and BOTTOM of a Business Sales Funnel. It lies in executing strategies that lower the cost of acquiring a new customer and increasing the Lifetime Value of each customer.

Here are some points for you to
ponder for
doing both.

Lowering the cost of acquiring a new customer:
  • Are you tracking your prospects or leads by each marketing strategy or campaign? This tells you which marketing tactic to keep funding and those to drop. Some marketing tactics may be expensive, however, if they are yielding a good number of leads that line up with your target market, then it’s worth the investment.
  • Are you measuring your conversion rate? Conversion rate is the number of leads that become customers.
  • Do you have a diverse set of marketing tactics, or are you relying on only 2-3 efforts? Truth is, in today’s markets, prospects respond to a variety of marketing communications.

Increasing the Life-Time
Value of a customer:

  • Are you measuring the length of time a client continues to buy from you and how many individual transactions involved? This is a key leverage point in any business. Often times a business will not make a profit on a customer until the 2nd or 4th transaction. It can take that long to to pay back the marketing and administrative costs associated with acquiring the customer.
  • Do you have a progressive set of products and services that will support your customer as their needs change and can you meet those evolving needs for both your customer and your business?

To be in a position to answer "yes" to these questions will add new potential to your business.

We can help you set-up methods for capturing the key information needed and help you execute strategies to improve those numbers.

For a COMPLIMENTARY session with a trained, certified, ActionCOACH email:
Why wait to get some fresh insight into YOUR business?
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34121 N HWY 45
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Dave Verbeten-Owner & Sr. Coach * Monty Edson, Coach * Bonnie Richtman-Co-Owner, VP Business Development
ActionCOACH does not in any way practice or promote email distribution methods that may constitute 'spamming' nor does ActionCOACH distribute or publish any of the email addresses contained in our mail lists or those of our Coaches. This newsletter is distributed globally and as such the content presented in "Global English." This email and its contents remain the property of ActionCOACH.

June Newsletter 2016 / Peak Performance ActionCOACH

Peak Performance ActionCOACH
June 23, 2016

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        Dave Verbeten, Sr Coach /Owner * Monty Edson, Coach  *  Bonnie Richtman, VP Bus. Dev.

How to Make Good Decisions:
Secrets Backed by Research

Life would be better if we could all make good decisions. Research shows we all make bad ones. Here are 4 secrets to making better decisions in business and in life:

- You don't need more info, you need the right info: Clarify the problem and get relevant data, not all the data.

- Feelings are not the enemy: For simple choices, use raw brainpower. For complex choices, trust intuition.

- If you're an expert in the area, trust your gut: Not sure if you're an expert? Keep a decision diary."

- Good enough is almost always good enough: Trying to be perfect makes your brain miserable.

Want to learn more? Then take a few minutes to read this post from
Eric Barker's blog, "Barking Up The Wrong Tree":

All the Best,


Client Success Stories

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In a nutshell:
What is Business Coaching?
No matter what field you’re in, the principles of coaching remain the same.

In that respect, Business Coaching is very similar to sports coaching. In sports, a coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides support when they are exhausted and teaches the athlete to execute plays that their competition does not anticipate.

A sports coach will make you run more laps and make you work harder than you would on your own, even when you don’t feel like it. A sports coach will tell it like it is and you can be assured that your coach will always listen.

A Business Coach does many of the same things, but he/she focuses on creating a successful business.

The role of a Business Coach is to coach business owners through guidance, support, accountability, encouragement and education.

Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more.

* Most importantly, just like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will make you focus on your game.*

Peak Performance ActionCOACH
34121 N HWY 45, Suite 216
Grayslake, IL 60030
847 986 6797

6 Things The Most Organized People Do Every Day

Your life is busy. Work/life balance is a challenge. You feel like you’re spreading yourself so thin that you’re starting to disappear.
Most of us feel that way. But not all of us. The most organized people don’t.
As NYT bestselling author and neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitinexplains, the VIP’s he’s met don’t seem scattered and frantic.
They’re calm, cool and “in the moment”, not juggling nine things and worried about being done by 7PM.
Here's a set of suggestions to get your life under control.  Read more here....

Creating the Pathways to Excellence

If you talk to winning athletes – not the one-time wonders, but those who win on a consistent basis – they’ll tell you that winning is a habit. What they don’t tell you is just how hard they work to develop that habit.
Winning takes a lot of things, like talent, commitment, resources and support. But most of all it takes practice, and lots of it. You can’t just read about winning in a book and then go out and do it. You can’t buy a magic wand and wave it over yourself and others. (If you could, I would have ordered one a long time ago!) You can’t attend a one-day training session and expect to win based just on that.  And you can’t delegate winning to others.
To win, you have to be in the game. You have to model it.  You have to think about it, plan for it, encourage it in others, create a system that supports it, and then practice some more. But winning isn’t just about practicing more than your competitors; it’s about practicing the right things. It starts with knowing what the right things are.  It’s about doing the little things day in and day out that lead to crossing the finish line ahead of everyone else.

Lessons from "Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone" by Mark Goulston

Recently, we've been reading and learning from Mark Goulston's book, "Just Listen".

Goulston points out the challenge we all face when selling personal services, or as Daniel Pink says in his recent book, “To Sell is Human”, when trying to get people to "move": 

People have their own needs, desires, and agendas. They have secrets they’re hiding from you. And they’re stressed, busy, and often feeling like they’re in over their heads. To cope with their stress and insecurity, they throw up mental barricades that make it difficult to reach them even if they share your goals, and, if they’re hostile, almost impossible.

Approach these people armed solely with reason and facts, or resort to arguing or encouraging or pleading, and you might expect to get through—but you won’t. Instead, you’ll get smacked down, and you’ll never have a clue why.

To take people from the beginning to the end of the Persuasion Cycle, you need to speak with them in a manner that moves them: From resisting to listening.  From listening to considering.  From considering to willing to do.   From willing to do to doing.  From doing to glad they did and continuing to do.

Instead of using reason and facts, try connecting with people on an emotional level.  Make them “feel felt”.

THE STEPS TO MAKING ANOTHER PERSON FEEL “FELT”.  Here’s all you need to do. 

1. Attach an emotion to what you think the other person is feeling, such as “frustrated,” “angry,” or “afraid.” 

2. Say, “I’m trying to get a sense of what you’re feeling and I think it’s ————— . . .” and fill in an emotion. “Is that correct? If it’s not, then what are you feeling?” Wait for the person to agree or correct you.

3. Then say, “How frustrated (angry, upset, etc.) are you?” Give the person time to respond. Be prepared, at least initially, for a torrent of emotions—especially if the person you’re talking with is holding years of pent-up frustration, anger, or fear inside. This is not the time to fight back, or air your own grievances. 

4. Next, say, “And the reason you’re so frustrated (angry, upset, etc.) is because. . . ?” Again, let the person vent. 

5. Then say, “Tell me—what needs to happen for that feeling to feel better?” 

6. Next, say, “What part can I play in making that happen? What part can you play in making that happen?”