Are You TIED to Your Business?

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We work to provide our families and ourselves with the best life possible, but for many Business Owners work is what takes us from our families, and prevents us from enjoying life.  If you are feeling that you can’t leave your business for a moment or it can’t exist without you, then you need to hire a support team or get better at utilizing the team you have. Here are some simple steps to get you started on building and inspiring your team to greatness.

 Learn to Delegate: Think about the busy work that you do in a day, the tasks that keep you from doing the things that you are good at; give those jobs away. If there are things on your to-do list that you detest, give those away to someone who has the talents and interests to do the job effectively.

You might think you cannot afford to hire someone to do this, but can you afford not to?

If hiring a full or part time employee is beyond your means, think about outsourcing.

Educate: Never stop training, not just  your employees, but yourself as well.  The more your employees learn the better they function and the more confidence they will have in their ability to succeed. The same logic applies for you; educate not only in your field of expertise, but also educate yourself in ways to grow and effectively manage your business.

You are ultimately your company’s best asset. Invest money in your own education and  free yourself to do what is really important, grow your business!

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